The Basics Of Psychic Touch Through Psychometry

Psychometry is one of the easiest of the psychic abilities to develop. It is easily developed and can be quickly developed, making your psychic intuition increasingly accurate. Through your psychic sense of touch and feel, you can become consciously aware of situations relating to the object, or sense information about the people who have handled or possessed it.

In childhood many people have psychic experiences that are channelled through their existing senses. The five basic senses in pre-school children extend beyond the material world and can pick up information that is not accessible by means of conscious reasoning. They can also fleetingly touch other dimensions where they may link into both the past and the future.

As we grow older, our developing rational processes blunt our extra-sensory perceptions so that our normal senses are less receptive to sixth sense messages, except from those with whom we are emotionally close or when we are experiencing times of crisis. While inner powers mainly operate spontaneously, it is possible to regain access to them so that we can use them in real life both to expand the horizons of possibility and to tap into areas of knowledge and psychic phenomena that cannot be reached through normal sensory channels.

So impressions may come in a variety of forms, but all occur through physical contact using Psychometry to hold an object from the person that is having the psychic reading. Often, the more recent impressions associated with the object, provide the strongest emotional impact upon the psychic doing the reading, although it doesn't always work that way every time.

So choose a location that is quiet and as free of noises and distractions as possible. Then sit in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. Rest your hands in your lap with your palms facing up. With your eyes remaining closed, ask someone to place an object in your hands. The person should not say anything; in fact, it's best if there are several people in the room and you don't know who the person is giving you the object. Preferably, the object should be something the person has had in his/her possession for a long time.

Many researchers believe that objects made of metal are best, theorising that they have a better memory. Be still, as images and feelings come into your mind, speak them aloud. Don't try to process the impressions you get. Say whatever you see, hear, feel or otherwise sense as you hold the object. Don't judge your impressions.

These impressions may be strange and meaningless to you, but they might be of significance to the owner of the object. Also, some impressions will be vague and others might be quite detailed. Don't edit - speak them all. You should start to see better results as your mind becomes used to 'seeing' the information. But you can progress; at first, you will be pleased to pick up on things correctly, but the next stage is to follow the pictures or feelings. The more you practice, the more your senses will improve.

You will start to see more and more information. You will sense what the object is, but then the feeling or images that you get from it will start to become clearer and more detailed. No matter how good you become there will always be an element of inaccuracy, or some images may be more vague than others, but even so, with practice your accuracy rate will steadily climb, and experienced psychometrists will achieve an accuracy rate between 80 to 90 per cent.

As long as you remain confident about your ability to gain accurate psychic impressions when you handle the object, and not worry too much about whether or not your impressions make sense, and just let your impressions and psychic feeling flow, then you will often find that even the most unexpected images are likely to be more correct.



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