Psychic Readings Becoming A Medium

Before you decide that you want to develop your psychic abilities toward mediumship, ask yourself why you want to become a medium. Do you have the proper amount of respect and love for others? It will take this and more to become a good medium. You will need to be sensitive to the spirits and recognise when they are near and want to communicate.

You will first need to find a good teacher and may want to train with others. You really should have someone to guide you, so that you are able to recognise what may be your imagination, from spiritual contact. When learning in a group, more than one of you may be able to sense the spirit. This will let you know you are not imagining anything. You might want to try a spiritualist church. Many of these are willing to teach those who truly would like to become more sensitive to the other side.

Now, more that ever, there are workshops that you can attend to become more sensitive to spirit. Before you decide to take a workshop or find a teacher, you should work on awakening your psychic skills. Do research on other mediums of note and learn how they are able to receive information from the other side. This will give you a good idea of what mediumship is about. Allow yourself to be guided by your inner voice and keep track of your dreams.

The dreams that I have that are precognitive, usually happen just before waking while I am in that not-awake, not-asleep sort of zone. We all have dreams and some of them are doozies. The best way to explain this is that precognitive dreams have a different feel than our regular dreams. Meditation: When you meditate you must relax, while it is impossible to clear your mind, you can relax yourself enough to be able to get messages even with a mind full of gunk.

Sit in a relatively quiet place, no blaring stereos, and turn off that TV! However, you may want to put on some soothing music to aid in relaxation. The definition of soothing music is different for each of us. Maybe you don't like new age music, is classical more to your liking, or maybe easy listening? When you feel more relaxed, let your mind take you to a place that is peaceful and calm.

Walking on a deserted beach with only the waves as company, sitting in the midst of a beautiful garden watching the birds and butterflies flitter by. This needs to be a place where there is nothing stressful going on. Let yourself open up to messages and images. If your mind begins to wander to problems or the like, gently urge it back to where you want to be.

Try this for a few minutes every day and you will begin to see a difference in the way you see and hear things. In time things will improve, images will become clearer and will stay longer and you may soon be carrying on a conversation on a subconscious level. Each of us has one or more spirit guides.

They will not appear next to you and tap you on the shoulder, but will contact you through your subconscious as thought energy. If you think about it, there have been times in all of our lives when we have had a strong feeling that we cannot shake.

This is one of our guardians warning us to or not to do something. If you were about to take a plane trip and your mind kept telling you not to go, what would you do? There may be a reason you are warned against taking that flight. Learn to listen with your heart and not your mind.



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