Psychic Intuition And Premonition

Intuition can be used to link to the past as well as the present. premonition is often but not always trying to warn about future events or developments. both Psychic intuition and premonition can help to guide you through your daily life and plan for your future in a far more effective and also give you more reassurance about where your life is heading.

So what Is Intuition? The word intuition means literally ‘an image reflected in a mirror’. Intuition refers us back directly to the Greek myth of Psyche, who symbolises the soul whose name she bears-psyche, in Greek, means soul. According to the legend told by Apuleius in his Metamorphoses, Psyche is beautiful and happy as long as she lets herself be loved and loves without looking at the man who is the object of her love.
But from the moment she tries to see his face with the help of a lamp, for it is always at night that Love or Cupid comes to join her again, she loses him forever.

This legend is a perfect illustration of the true nature and function of intuition which, is not just a gift which allows you to see the future, but an innate power, developed to a greater or lesser degree according to the individual, which helps you to see and understand immediately what is or should be.

Intuition can speak to you in many ways, from the physical, where you get a gut feeling, which can make you nervous, cautious or anxious or a feeling that something is about to happen although you no know exactly what it is, or it can also be cerebral, such as a nagging thought that won’t leave you or go away. It can be an image or symbol that comes to mind, or something that you know about, but you can’t explain how you know about it.

Intuition can also speak to you by enabling you to pick up on the emotions of other people, and feeling their pain in your own body, or through your own emotions, it can also take the form or liking or disliking the person on sight, or just an instinct that you may have about them.

Intuition can also come to you through signs and affirmations, you can miss the train or bus only to find out later that there was a serious problem such as a derailment or an major roadblock delaying the journey’s. It can also influence your judgement over which company to work for, if your are nervous or unsure about working for them, then suddenly come across information that reassures you.

Intuition can come in the form of an encoded message, such as hearing a voice that gives you the answer that you are looking for, seemingly coming out of nowhere talking only to you. In other words, an intuitive person, in the true sense of the word, possesses a memory which can be compared to a kind of mirror, as in the myth of Psyche, which continuously sends him back a very rich and beautiful image of himself.

Intuition can also be the rising up in the realms of our consciousness of a fact, a thing which we already know, which we have known from time immemorial, and which comes back to us at the opportune moment As for premonition, it is directed entirely towards the future, to prediction and anticipation.

A premonitory dream is a dream which warns, which informs us about something concerning us directly or indirectly. Like intuition, dreaming is also a function of the soul. The person who has the premonition of an event receives the message from it, the warning, so that he can act or behave in a certain way to avoid being affected by it.

Premonitions are very common, and linked to our evolutionary development, from a time when survival and procreation where more difficult and fraught with danger. Premonitions have become part of our birthright and are in a sense programmed into our DNA. Premonitions can be about forewarning when it comes to disasters whether natural or manmade, as well as serious health issues, but they can also foretell happier events such as job promotion and winning lottery numbers. Premonitions can occur during dreams but also when you are fully awake.

Premonitions can be very strong between parents and children, as well as close friends and lovers. Empathy, love and compassion all help to trigger and intensify premonitions in their clarity and imagery. The more that you can quieten your mind through meditation, contemplation and immersion in nature, the more likely you are to have accurate premonitions. Courting or taking an healthy interest in the mysterious, can also help to develop your premonition.

Also keep a dream diary and make note of your dreams when you awake. This insures that your dreams are remembered and make premonitions more likely to occur. Premonitions are an indicator of the soul and a bridge to the transcendent in your life. Their value goes beyond their practical benefit of warning you of upcoming dangers. Premonitions reveal the presence of a timeless aspect of your consciousness, and therefore point like an arrow to an immortal, eternal aspect of who you are.

So premonitions can give early intuitive warnings that occur frequently within you, but are too subtle to register on your conscious mind. Some of these intuitive warnings apparently register on the subconscious and cause you to unknowingly alter you plans as a result and avoid trouble, or on the other hand benefit from an opportunity that can lead to happiness or success.



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