Psychic Ability & Channeling

How does it work? it's often been called a 'psychic ability,' but it's not really; in fact, it's simpler. Really, clairvoyant psychic medium is intuition, knowledge about things you 'shouldn't' know but do. There are intuitive aspects of knowledge that are not well known to the naked eye but when you develop a few basic skills of clairvoyant psychic medium, you will start to understand things that are not so clearly visible.

In order to really develop as a clairvoyant yourself, the first thing that you need to do is to understand what it is and how happy and peaceful you will be as a person once you have developed it.

This is an important step that you can take towards making sure that you are able to develop the ability correctly and easily. When you become clairvoyant, you are going to be more sensitive to the energies that are all around you, so something that you want to make sure of is that you are able to avoid the people, the places, and the things that are negative, as you will then absorb this negative energy, and it will have a negative impact on you, and on your clairvoyant psychic medium, as well as on your life.

Of course, there are sometimes things that are going to be impossible to avoid, but in most cases, you can do something to help you 'break' any negative energy up that has a hold on you even if you have to encounter. If you do this, you'll be better off overall.
Through psychic ability you can channel a spirit guide. Channeling is generally viewed more specifically as a psychic who's voice and persona actually change as the spirit guide is channelled. It is a unique psychic style, but really no more "powerful" than automatic writing or crystal gazing.

The term angel and spirit guide is sometimes used interchangeably, however, based on strict dictionary definitions, there is a difference between angels and spirits. They are common in that both are considered largely part of an unseen spiritual dimension. The difference lie in the fact angels are always, by definition, serving the good. Spirits can be good, bad or just mischievous.

Who knows, maybe any spirit performing the will of god or goodness on a consistent basis is an angel. As far back as recorded history goes, there has always been a connection between spirit guides, angels and those who seem to possess a gift to hear, see and speak for them. Of interest is that, outside western culture, spirit guides could also be animals. Lakes, mountains and especially trees could possess (or be) spirits, become spirit guides. It is only recently these types of spirit guides have begun to creep into the more european type psychic awareness.



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