Fortunetelling & The Tarot

The use of the Tarot in divination or divine guidance is a practical and at the same time, deeper way of unlocking the secrets of the tarot’s insights and wisdoms. Oracles in the past have been based in Temples and were a functioning part of religious practices in ancient times. But fortunetelling through such means has been largely ignored and forbidden from more modern religious practice.

As a result the development of fortunetelling skills has become more difficult, and the understanding of fortunetelling has become even more confused, resulting in ignorance, shame and misinterpretation. Many people can be quite unsympathetic towards fortune telling and see themselves as being above such things, although this is less noticeable in women than in men.

The Tarot has been associated for many years with fortunetelling and is one of the most popular means through which psychic energy is channelled, and as a result, the images of the Tarot have given birth to many words and accurate insights in the past, present and no doubt, the future.

The real skill in fortunetelling and using the Tarot, is to see what is there in the card’s symbolism, and not to impose your own conditioning. Your own perception is the true source of your ability to interpret what is in the Tarot spread. If you are not careful, learning and modern education and approaches to learning can inhibit your insights, fortunetelling through the Tarot also demands both psychic and intellectual powers on the part of the Tarot reader.

The Tarot contains two groups of cards, one being the minor arcana consisting of four suits based on the four elements of earth, fire, water and air. This is common to all great methods of divinatory wisdom that reveal the nature of life and consciousness around and within us. The magical wand represents fire, the cup represents water, the earth is represented by pentacles and the air is represented by a sword. The symbolism in the Tarot is the language of the subconscious, and it is this language that the fortuneteller must know and understand. Fortunetelling goes beyond your superficial subconscious into your deeper self, within which are hidden answers to your life that you can’t always reach.

The accomplished and accurate fortuneteller will reveal to you what aspects of yourself you need to develop and cultivate in order to reach your goals and live a greater and more satisfying life. The Tarot is the first step towards establishing a psychic communion between the fortuneteller and the client. Wand cards will indicate energies that bring change through creativity or action, as well as skill and driving yourself harder to reach your goals.

Cup cards will indicate feelings and senses that often fuel your imagination, and are connected to happiness and love. The ace of cups in particular represents the cup of the Holy Grail, the cup of abundance and success in life and relationships. Pentacles represent the element of earth, the cards of your emotional and material well being, of security and wealth. Sword cards represent the element of air, of intellect and criticism, the way that we think and worry. Swords are a reminder to you that you must always follow up thought with action, and balance your intellect with aspects of the other elements, as over thinking can lead to procrastination and stagnation.

The second group of cards in the Tarot are the major arcana consisting of 22 cards, containing even deeper symbolism regarding the nature of life and its challenges that you may face in your journey towards your goals. The Tarot card named the Fool is number 0, and the remaining cards are numbered from 1-21 They represent the Fool’s journey, as he encounters cards such as the Magician, the Empress, the Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune, Death, The Devil and finally the World, on his pathway though life experiences and understanding.

Magic is always around you, but fortunetelling brings you closer to experiencing it. Fortunetelling and the Tarot look into what is true in your life right now, to stop you from mistrusting your feelings and intuition. Then the Tarot will be able to tell you what you may not know about your future.



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