Dealing With Psychic Intuition And Development

Fear is the number one setback to any form or degree of psychic ability. Normally fear is an emotional force, and it should be respected in times of danger. However, it must be controlled, and it should never totally govern our decisions, choices, and actions. To fear something or someone because you do not fully understand the concept or person is negative and self-destructive. This kind of fear can become a phobia if you imagine that some superior force will prevent or destroy your personal goals. To fear a tyrannical personality is understandable; but even a tyrant can intimidate you only for as long as you allow him or her to do so.

Fear originates from a lack of belief and confidence in yourself. There is a special exhilaration to overcoming your fear. However, before taking on a task that makes you fearful, gather as much information and protection as you need so that you can complete the task with as much help and safety as possible. The main cause of failure to commit to psychic development is fear of the unknown.

This must be overcome if you are ever to reach your full psychic potential. Fear of the unknown is similar in nature to fear of failure to succeed in relationships or business, and it too can prevent you from enjoying success. To fear the unknown is to rob your spirit of knowledge, which is the reward that comes with any new experience.

Superstitious fear is common. The list of superstitions is endless, some examples being: walking under a ladder, lucky number seven, Friday the thirteenth, shoes on a tabletop, and traveling without a lucky charm or talisman. While it is often treated in a lighthearted manner, superstitious fear does control the activities of many people. The mystery surrounding psychic phenomena attracts even those most fearful of its power. The best cure for fear of the unknown is knowledge.

When dealing with a psychic child, it is important not to fear, disapprove of, or ridicule the child for his or her psychic abilities. If you do this, the child will tend to become secretive, withdrawn, and shrouded by guilt, until he or she is drawn to another psychic person who understands his or her talent. The fact is, no matter how hard a parent might strive to suppress this tendency, it cannot be destroyed.

Samantha was fifteen years old before she sought the advice of a professional psychic to help her deal with her own psychic ability. She had been feeling so bad that she just wanted the psychic to make it all go away Samantha had been having psychic experiences since she was seven years old, but the last five to six years had not been happy ones.

During the early years of her psychic experiences, Samantha had no problems with her ability to predict the future and talk to spirits whom she could see with clarity. The trouble began when her father became convinced that she was hallucinating as the result of mental problems. Her mother believed that an evil spirit possessed her daughter.

In their misguided effort to protect their daughter from ridicule and from being labeled insane, Samantha’s parents took her to doctors and priests and finally to a psychotherapist. Her attitude to all these people was extremely bad, and coupled with her now restless mood swings, these actions resulted in Samantha’s becoming very depressed and out of control.

Finally, on the advice of a friend, she consulted a psychic, who managed to make her understand that what was happening to her was not a bad thing, just unusual and special, the manifestation of her highly developed psychic ability. Once she had come to terms with this knowledge, Samantha was able to cope with her special gift; she is now a well-adjusted and happy person once again.



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