Communication Between The Psychic & Spirit World

Psychic clairvoyants have the ability to see energies that are invisible to others, such as people, places, and events that have passed or are yet to occur. This ability is a very advanced method of fortune-telling. Living on a material planet, you need to know answers to practical, materialistic questions. You need to know if you will meet your soulmate, what happens when you die, or will you ever see your deceased loved ones again?

Theses are just some of the many questions asked. Could it be more useful to learn how to reveal your intuitive psychic unconscious memory to develop a better psychic awareness of your true motivations and of events to come, so that you can answer these questions? Not really. Just because a person has the psychic ability to see beyond the range of normal sight, it cannot be used systematically, and at any time. The intuitive unconscious memory does not respond to command.

In the ancient world, there was a distinction between psychic intuitive divination and reasoned divination. The first belonged to prophets or visionaries, the second, and more common, came from the interpretation of messages and symbols, or from the oracles - the use of various forms of divination. To help in predicting for you, the ability of the clairvoyant to see, must be matched by the ability to also interpret the vision, and possibly hear, known as clairaudience. A clairvoyant cannot predict an event exactly, but can supply a list of probabilities, that may occur within your time and space.

When a psychic asks you for confirmation of one of these messages, some people think that the psychic is guessing and looking to them for more information. But this is not so. A line of communication has been opened up between the psychic and the spirit world. That line of communication can be like a busy switchboard. Many souls can be trying to send messages, and as these messages are carried by sound, the messages can often be indistinct, and don't become clearly audible to the psychic until there is enough energy for the psychic to hear them.

Often the psychic will only hear fragments of conversation or information, and is looking for indications from you to complete the picture and focus the reading. Psychic Clairvoyants develop a descriptive vocabulary to relate their visual experiences to be understood and believed by the person having the psychic reading. The Clairvoyant is the messenger relaying the information, even if the information is fragmented and not making complete sense to begin with.

The person having the psychic reading will find that these glimpses of insight make sense given that they have the other pieces of the puzzle. Once this is confirmed and understood. the clairvoyant can then offer further clarity and refinement as the reading progresses.



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