Communicating With Your Guardian Angels

There have been reports of people who, during a dramatic escape from death by accident, have glimpsed a being made of light intervening in the situation. However, the most common means guardian angels use to communicate with us are through our own intuition, appearing to us in dreams or, occasionally, sending a strong voice inside our heads. What is the difference between an angel voice and the voices people with mental illnesses hear?

When an angel speaks to you inside your head, it is always good and loving, and it occurs only during an emergency or other very serious situation. This means that it is very rare indeed. A person would be lucky to have one such incident in his or her life. When you are communicating with your guardian angel, it is important and rewarding to develop your own system of exercises. Simplicity and sincerity are the main components in gaining a continuous flow of communication with your guardian angel. Affirmations that are easily committed to memory are a good way to acknowledge your guardian angel and express your desire to work with it, so that you may learn and be guided by its advice in times of confusion and important life-altering decisions.

Affirmations are also a wonderful way to show your guardian angel your appreciation for all that it is doing for you. Taking the trouble to create affirmations, such as the one below, and then vocalizing them during a specific time each day, will reap untold reward from your guardian angel, because in this way you are demonstrating respect. Guardian angel, who takes care of me in good times and in bad,/ Who tries to dissuade me from foolish choices, and Who consoles me when I'm sad,/ I wish to say thank you for choosing me to watch over and protect./ May I gain the wisdom to know that your advice Must be used for good cause and effect.

Affirmations that demonstrate acceptance and recognition of the important role your guardian angel plays in your life can become a vital part of developing and maintaining your relationship with your guardian angel. Try the following exercise. This exercise requires a positive and serene attitude and ambience; the latter can be evoked by lighting two white candles these represent the white light of protection that will flow between you and your guardian angel playing some relaxing mood music, and setting up an oil burner or a bowl of hot water into which you pour seven drops of essential oil. Breathe in and out slowly until you are relaxed, then breathe normally.

Now meditate on your guardian angel's presence. When you are ready, chant the following affirmation three times:
I recognize and appreciate my guardian angel, and I do pledge to accept the guidance and Listen to the advice of this divine messenger That is given with love and compassion Without malice, mischief, or other negative energy. Some people become confused about the difference between encounters with guardian angels and encounters with deceased loved ones. Very few people ever actually see their guardian angels, whereas almost everyone sees a deceased loved one, either in dreams or in that time between being asleep and being awake.

The deceased loved one usually only wishes to comfort and reassure his or her grieving family and to let them know that he or she is now supremely happy and not suffering in any way. The inner peace and happiness that the deceased loved one generates is sometimes so intense and unforgettable that it leaves the grieving person with the same degree of comfort and protection as that provided by a guardian angel. This leads to the belief that the deceased loved one has now become this person's new guardian angel. Your guardian angel will understand this and will help you understand the true nature of your encounter.



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